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About Us


This is a story about dedication, the respect for nature and high quality food. About seeds and vegetables. This is a story about sharing opportunities for growth. For us and our partners. We are SuperZaad and together with you, we want to feed the world.

From Holland with Love

Our seeds are developed in the Netherlands

Wide range of varieties

For all market and growing conditions

Delivery seeds

Always enough seeds in stock


SuperZaad pays much attention to people and the environment

Superzaad is a global operating seed cultivation and seed trade company based in the Netherlands. Superzaad sell seeds of more than 100 varieties from 3 different product groups, for Greenhouses and Open Fields:



Our superior pepper seeds with a wide range of quality varieties are in different colors, different shapes and different tastes like sweet and hot.



We have a very wide range of tomato varieties, from large beef tomatoes to tasty cherry tomatoes. The seeds are selected, developed, improved and bred to be high in purity, yield and quality, widely suitable for shipment, with long shelf life and highly resistant.



With Superzaad’s wide range it is possible to grow cucumbers with an excellent yield and quality year-round. Our seeds are of the highest quality with different planting periods, resistances and crop and fruit types.


During research and development in our own highly equipped laboratory, the seeds go through highly demanding quality test procedures, and by the final stages they are tested in top institutions in Holland.

These seeds are exposed to almost every conceivable condition that can occur in nature. By constantly checking the seeds, we meet the high expectation of our customers, we ensure our product quality is guaranteed. To ensure the continuity of healthy food we are continuously conducting innovative research.

By gathering information and sharing knowledge we are the link between all our chain partners. Our product specialists have individually over 25 years of experience in the seed industry.

Superzaad seeds give fruits with fuller flavor, a longer shelf life, a different shape, a more consistent yield, a stronger disease resistance and/or a better integrated pest control. These are mostly hybrid types.

Superzaad’s mission is to contribute to the world food supply. One of the ways to achieve this goal is by helping farmers boost yields to within 75 percent of yields attained by top-performing farmers facing similar growing conditions. We want to achieve this by sharing our expertise with the farmers.