Cucumber Gherkin 18-2041

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The GHERKIN-18-2041 is variety of the Parthenocarpy German cucumber. The plant is medium regarding how vigorous is it with the well branching trait. The plant has quite small leaves which enable better ventilation for the plant and its fruits. This means that less spraying is necessary and the cultivation period is extended. This variety is multipistilled with shorter internodes. External characteristics are that both the fruits and leaves are dark green and spined. The plant is an early variety with a very high yield. The L/D ratio of the fruits is 3, 1:1 this ratio applies also on larger variants of the fruit. The variation is suitable for vertical and flat cultivation as well as indoor and outdoor production. The GHERKIN-18-2041 can be compared to other cucumber varieties like Karaoke, Kybria (RZ) and Vertina (Nu).